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Excellent food and drinks at great prices. After a hard day what could be better?

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Dallas Happy Hour - Fall 22

The summer is behind us and football is back in Dallas.Bars, restaurants, and happy hours are back in full swing.

You can buy Beer at 10:00 on Sundays in Texas again!

For those of us that love to drink, sometimes it's time to start drinking again on Sunday morning to deal with the hang over. This can be easier said than done in the lone star state. Let say you had a little too much fun after you got home from the bars on Saturday night, and drank all your fridge beer. You had to goto a "restaurant" to get a drink. You could not even buy a beer at the golf course until noon. Supposedly this was a law from the prohibition area. But, as of Sept 1, 2021 you can now buy beer and wine at 10:00. It's not Louisiana or Vegas drink whenever you feel like it, but a move in the right direction.

Vaccine Mandates for Bars in Texas

The state of Texas has started to crack down on bars and restaurants that are trying to require proof of  vaccination, but so far they have been required at the larger music events we have been to the past month.

Does a mask mandate make Happy Hour Less Fun?
Yes, for the most part they are not required now.
Are bars in Dallas Open?
Most of the bars are now open and the happy hours specials are in full swing. Woot!
Are Music Venues in Dallas Open?
Yes, live music is at the bars and smaller clubs. Tours for some bigger are also on sale.
Are there Happy Hour Rules in Dallas?
Most alcohol related sales in Dallas are governed by the state agency TABC. The most common happy hour rules in place are that establishment must sale the drink at a profit. So events like penny beer night, and 5$ all you can drink are a think of the past.

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Happy Hour Supporters

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